Reykjavík Chautauqua

Look at this text. It is rendered on your screen by the power of some serious gadgets working together. There is an awfully complicated integrated circuit sending electrical currents here and there by means of a hell of a lot of transistors. How does it all work? What does it all mean for us? An how is it affecting us mere mortals? Let’s find out in our friendly Reykjavík Chautauqua.


    • Italic text is surrounded by *asterisks*
    • bold text by a **couple**.
    • You add a paragraph by including a blank line.
    • Two spaces after a line will force a line-break (good for poetry).
    • Hyperlinks simply follow [Link Name](
    • Images are like links, but with an exclamation (!) in front ![fallback text](
    • YouTube and Vimeo embeds are like images but with yt and vimeo as the fallback text respectively.
    • In short, we follow the markdown syntax.